Compare Pixian To Another Background Removal Service

To help you migrate with confidence, Pixian offers this tailored workflow that lets you do an in-depth, statistically meaningful comparison of the services' results.

While it may at first seem daunting, it's actually quite straightforward. All you need are some original images and their corresponding results from the other service.

2. Create A Workspace

3. Upload Originals

Results must start with the same filename as the corresponding original (appended text ok).

Original & result sizes must match, and the results must be transparent PNGs.

Pixian pairs up the images, removes the background from the originals, and identifies the results with meaningful differences for your review.

You review the results that differ, rating them individually good or bad, with our easy to use app. This is done in a double-blind way to ensure fairness.

You can of course review all images if you like, but focusing the review on images with meaningful differences saves work.

Pixian provides you with a detailed report of your ratings.


Filenames Must Match

Results can have extra text appended, but must start with the same text as the original.

myfilemy-other-file-no-bgNot ok

Image Sizes Must Match

This means you can't use previews, cropped, or scaled results for the comparison.

Results Must Be Transparent PNGs

Our current sorting process requires transparency. We may relax this requirement in the future.

Filenames Must Be Unique

If you upload two files with the same name, the one uploaded last will overwrite the first.

Originals and results are treated separately, so the pairs can have identical names.

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