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Your image size exceeds the size limit. For best results, please crop the image to the portion you wish to remove the background from.

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Pick an image that you want to remove the background from and drag and drop it onto the page.

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Our servers use powerful GPUs and multi-core CPUs to analyze your image and remove the background from it.

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Bring your Face Sticker to Zazzle.com to create a gift or memorabilia.

Or just download your result and use it however you want.


What's With The Purple?

Both James's and Jacob's respective childhood sports teams had the colors white and purple.

File Formats?

We support JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF and WebP as input, and produce PNG as output.


The max website image pixel size for face stickers is 25 megapixels. The max API image pixel size is 25 megapixels. The max image file size is 30 megabytes.

Do you have an API?

Sure do!

What types of images work well for Face Stickers?

Clear, front-facing shots of a single person or pet work best.

Why am I getting a completely blank result?!

Unfortunately, photos of multiple people or pets usually fail completely. Please re-try with the image cropped to the subject you're interested in.

Do you make any claims on the input images or results?

Our terms of service just grant us the rights we need to deliver the service to you, and to improve our products. We don't claim any rights to the results, and we won't share your images with third parties unless you explicitly authorize us to do so.

Please see our Terms of Service for more details.

What are your data retention policies?

Right now, we retain 10% of uploaded images and all results for 24 hours, and permanently delete them shortly thereafter. This is to allow resuming downloads without incurring duplicate charges.

API images are never persisted to non-volatile storage.

Please note that our data retention policies may change over time, and this current policy does not bind us in the future, or require your affirmative consent to change.