Comparison Report

Objects, Other Backgrounds Legacy Provider 1

Not rated, identical2424
Total Good112103
Percent Good69.6%64.0%

Pixian.AI had 112 images that were rated good, or not rated and identical. That's 69.6% of your 161 images.

The competitor had 103 images that were rated good, or not rated and identical. That's 64.0% of your 161 images.

Pixian.AI achieved 112 / 103 = 108.7% of the competitor's performance

Note: >100% means that Pixian outperformed the competitor, <100% means the competitor outperformed Pixian, and 100% means they performed the same.

Identical images default to a Good rating, and non-identical images default to Bad.


This is a report comparing the performance of Pixian.AI with a competing background removal service.

The report is based on a set of user-provided images. We then reviewed the services' respective results separately and rated them as either good or bad. The comparison was done in a blind manner, without labels indicating which result was Pixian.AI's and which was the competitor's. We then tallied up the results and produced this report.

If you'd like to create your own report based on your own images and the competitor of your choice, you can do so here:

Compare Your Own Images

Disclaimer: while we have striven for fairness, results are subjective and in our opinion.