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Your image size exceeds the size limit. For best results, please crop the image to the portion you wish to remove the background from.

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How It Works

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Pick an image that you want to remove the background from and drag and drop it onto the page.

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Our servers use powerful GPUs and multi-core CPUs to analyze your image and remove the background from it.

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Inspect a preview of the result and download it if you like.


We took a large sample of user-provided images and compared our output to the best known competing service's. Here are the results, and be sure to click on each title for an in-depth report:


Based on reviewing outputs separately and assigning a binary good-or-bad score to each. While we have striven for fairness, results are subjective and in our opinion.

What matters more than the quality of our results in general, is the quality of our results on your images in particular. We therefore make the comparison tool available to you for free:

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Ready to make the switch? Check out the API docs and the migration guide.


While AI is rapidly transforming the way we as a society do business, AI itself is changing even faster. What was cutting edge only a few years ago is now rapidly becoming commoditized.

We choose to accept and accelerate this reality.

We therefore see ourselves less as a tech startup, and more as an outsourced MLOps extension to your engineering team. Our goal is to be more 'S3' and less 'Adobe' for state-of-the-art AI image processing.

Ready to make the switch? Check out the API docs and the migration guide.


Backgrounds Removed


Percentage of images processed within a given time.


What's With The Purple?

Both James's and Jacob's respective childhood sports teams had the colors white and purple.

File Formats?

We support JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF and WebP as input. We produce PNG for transparent results, and JPEG or PNG for opaque results. We offer a host of output options - just try the example image to see them all.


The max free website image pixel size is 250,000 pixels. The max paid image pixel size is 25 megapixels (API or website doesn't matter). The max image file size is 30 megabytes.

Why are your prices so much lower than the competition?

Their margin is our opportunity.

We see AI commoditizing rapidly, and rather than fighting that tide we've decided to embrace it.

This thinking has impacted every aspect of our business. The size of our team, the choice of AI model, the architecture of our IT operations. We've optimized them all towards maximizing quality and minimizing price.

So we don't have a 50 person sales team to wine and dine you (and at those margins they really should be!) All we're offering is a great service and outstanding value.

Do you have an API?

Sure do!

Is it easy to migrate from

It is crazy easy - just change the endpoint & API Key!

What types of images does Pixian.AI work well on?

We work well on a broad range of image types, including photos of people. We distinguish ourselves on objects, artworks, logos and scans. See the Quality section for more details

Do you support hair?

Yes! Our AI model has been trained on a wide range of images with both hair and fur, so it does a nice job of preserving them.

Does it work on AI generated images like from Stable Diffusion?

Absolutely! Generative AI generally produces clean, slightly cartoonish images, and those usually work really well.

Where does the AI model come from?

We have developed a custom AI model that we've trained on a large, proprietary dataset. The model has been specifically tuned for quality and efficiency.

Do you make any claims on the input images or results?

Our terms of service just grant us the rights we need to deliver the service to you, and to improve our products. We don't claim any rights to the results, and we won't share your images with third parties unless you explicitly authorize us to do so.

Please see our Terms of Service for more details.

What are your data retention policies?

Right now, we retain 10% of uploaded images and all results for 24 hours, and permanently delete them shortly thereafter. This is to allow resuming downloads without incurring duplicate charges.

API images are never persisted to non-volatile storage.

Please note that our data retention policies may change over time, and this current policy does not bind us in the future, or require your affirmative consent to change.